Butterfields increases investment in Women’s Cycling

Butterfields is excited to announce it is officially extending its long-term relationship with Butterfields Racing Team and furthering its support for Women’s Cycling.

The extension will see Butterfields increase its sponsorship commitments with the goal of providing continuous development and growth opportunities for all cyclists while being surrounded by a fun and safe environment that encourages full inclusivity.

Since then, the five-year relationship has procured significant opportunities for Butterfields Racing Team’s athletes through elite-level competition, featuring in events such as the Santos Festival of Cycling, the National Road Series and the Cycling Super Series.

Butterfields’ Managing Director, Shawn Butterfield, said it is Butterfields’ responsibility to support the community, ensuring initiatives and projects thrive.

“Through our Corporate Social Responsibility, we seek to ensure community projects aligning with our vision and values have access to the resources necessary to succeed,” he said.

“Butterfields exists and thrives because people have given us opportunities. It is important that we pay it forward.”

“Since our relationship began, our athletes have competed in various elite level competitions. With this increased investment, we hope to expand these opportunities across the sport and continue to provide a platform where people can become the best version of themselves.”

Butterfields is looking to identify additional sponsors who align with our goal of supporting women’s cycling.

To find out more about Butterfields Racing Team, click the link here.

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