Our people are what make our company an industry leader. With dedicated years of experience, we employ the best to ensure that Australia realises our vision.

Shawn Butterfield

Managing Director

Shawn creates a culture that encourages the team to provide professional, high-quality services. He develops systems and adopts technologies that enable the team to deliver their services.

Shawn identifies trends and opportunities in the organisation and the market and creates and implements systems and strategies aligned with Butterfields’ vision.

Darren Cross

Manager - HVAC Service

Darren’s role is to manage the client’s ongoing air conditioning service needs while working collaboratively with the Plumbing Service Manager. He identifies current and potential issues for clients and advises on the best solutions.

Darren also reviews and assesses clients’ assets, providing forecasting and planning. He supports the field teams to ensure they can deliver a professional service and works with the Projects Division to deliver Butterfields’ clients’ projects.

Dennis Wright

Manager – Projects and Engineering

Dennis’ role is to clearly define and manage the deliverables on a project across various technical disciplines, including HVAC, electrical and plumbing.

He considers a project to be successfully delivered once we have met clients’ needs, identified and controlled risks, and achieved budget goals.

Louis Visintin

Plumbing and Laboratory Services Manager

While managing the client’s ongoing plumbing needs and working collaboratively with the HVAC Service Manager; Louis identifies current and potential clients’ issues and advises on the best solutions.

He reviews and assesses clients’ assets, provides forecasting and planning, supports the field teams to ensure they can deliver a professional service and works with the Projects Division to deliver projects for our clients.

Tanya Levin

Safety, HR and Quality Specialist

Tanya’s role is to provide information, guidance, coaching and consulting to employees to ensure that the organisation’s services are delivered safely and professionally.

Tanya manages all WHS, HR and Quality matters at Butterfields.

She also develops and implements all of Butterfields’ policies, procedures, guidelines and reference material to ensure they are kept to the highest standard.

Dwayne Evans

Electrical Services Manager

Dwayne’s focus is on delivering clients’ electrical needs and supporting both his team of technicians as well as collaborating with Butterfields’ HVAC and plumbing field teams and Service Managers.

He positively displays and reinforces Butterfields’ core values of integrity, professionalism and quality and helps shape the organisation’s future direction.

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